Danny Barnes

Hey Danny, hope you had a good time over the holidays.
My question is this, do you indulge in any form of working out, be it exercise, yoga, stretching so on? This last year I have gotten into "fitness" and I have come to find it quite meditative and centering, so I was curious if you indulge in any kind of sport, exercise or body movement as an extension of your meditation and interest in reflection.

Danny Barnes responded on 01/03/2015

i do yoga, and am interested in a martial art called kali [although i don't get to work with my trainer as much as i'd like]. my main exercise right now is walking. but i do tai chi and have studied that off an on for a while and various other things. practicing is kind of hard on the body when you add up thirty or forty years of it. i've been sort of working on a system of exercises to help with that. alexander technique is really good for that, though i don't have a practitioner near me. i don't really work out per se, though i do go to the gym in hotels when i get kinda stove up from traveling. mainly i like yoga and walking.

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