Danny Barnes

What do you think about "How Dark My Shadow's Grown" and "Precious Time"? A good chunk of a lifetime has passed since you wrote them and as an artist you have evolved considerably. How you do judge the songs now, or the artist you were then (or does judgement even enter into it)?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/03/2015

well, in a sense, you do something and keep moving. so..i suppose i don't really review things so much except by accident really. those two songs were written when i was still trying to find my voice. poetically and sonically, so..in a sense i was fumbling around in the dark. however sometimes some really cool stuff can happen that way, and also they have a life of their own outside of anything i say or do, they are separate entities from "me". that is a very good question however. sometimes those records are kinda painful to hear. nonetheless they are out there for folks to find and enjoy and if they do, that's great.

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