Danny Barnes

I was watching some of your youtube videos and was pretty amazed at how well you play claw hammer and three finger banjo. Do you prefer one over the other?

Danny Barnes responded on 03/11/2015

i think of the banjo techniques as being a continuum. rather than different...ah..."gears" so to speak. i blend the styles/techniques together to make something out of it like i'm making a soup or something. i don't have a preference it just depends on the song. i suppose my real preference is using bare fingers on the banjo. that is the best sound i think. you can't do that real pointed sixteenth note blast stuff like you can with picks, but other than that you can do much more sonically. with bare fingers you can switch from different techniques within one phrase. i'm trying to just be a good banjo player and not a this or a that kind of banjo player. the banjo is already off in it's own ......sub-genre of sub-genre, the last thing it needs is yet another division. i was actually trying to be great, but i've given up on that and i'm settling for trying to be good. i don't have enough life left to get there {great}.

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