Danny Barnes

hey dude, i'm just curious about what, erm, extra curricular activities you are into besides music. I play some bad guitar and find that non-musical experience/knowledge expands the musical knowledge as well, so i've been trying to expand on that front.

So what are three new things you're into?

Danny Barnes responded on 03/16/2015

this band called mountain of wizard...they put out a cassette that's really good it's like instrumental sludge doom. playing the trombone. and depressive suicidal black metal...particularly xasthur. i like that kind of music because it's designed to repel the casual listener rather than attract them. it's highly stylized and codified. which i think is very interesting. oh yeah and my friend otter has got me on this whole thing about the sumerians being from outer space and all that. abraham was from ur....and....well. and vw van repair manuals. that's more than three but it's been a busy week.

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