Danny Barnes

Hey Barnes, I discovered your site when out of frustration( or maybe it was serendipity) I googled "how to make a living as a musician." I have found your music and your blog very awesome and inspiring. I have been in a musical slump lately. I know in my heart and soul I have the calling to be a musician but life hasn't worked out in my favor as of yet. All I want is to make a living doing what I love, and I feel I have proven this to the universe-god-higher power, by investing every available resource I have into doing my music(time, money, work, patience etc). Do you have any advice on how to get out of a funk? I'm tired of rolling snake eyes, and thinking maybe it might be time to bet on something else. Thanks for your time

Danny Barnes responded on 03/16/2015

i would just get used to that feeling and ignore it. keep working. i think it's like when you are practicing and it actually sounds bad. you can't get too hung up on that. you have to get used to hitting wrong notes. which i think is a metaphoric representation of life. don't sweat it, keep working. most of your ...new energy will come from other people, so keep an eye out for that. also, helping others is the ...best way i know of to...get some good energy flowing. meher baba said don't worry be happy. worry is in the mind and you have to get beyond the mind. the mind is a big trap and it won't help you. just forget it. take lessons. help someone that ain't as skilled as you. you have to find the right music/right time/for the right people. and if you don't have that yet you are kinda becalmed. but you can still work and help others. research edit learn record study. that won't leave much time for moping.

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