Danny Barnes

In your opinion, what are some important things to look for in a location to peddle your music out of? Sure, it's bound to be different for everyone and every music, but what sort of balance do you think is important? Cost of living/room for growth/music scene/ect.

on a side note, i was thrilled to see ya at the BGUnderground the other weekend. Super cool surprise. oh, right, it's supposed to be a question....uh, were you heading to court after the gig in that suit? haha i jest man, you rock!

Danny Barnes responded on 04/06/2015

im not super clear on what you are asking there. do you mean physical location to live in in order to work in music? good question. i feel like it's all kind of a balance really and you have to start where you are, and at some point you won't really be able to play in the town you are in [if you are a band leader or solo person] more than a few times a year, in that sense, it don't matter where you live you are going to have to get on a plane anyway. being in a city with a scene also means you have to deal with the politics of that. everything has a cost and a plus. the best focus is to get the music really really good....headed towards great. that should be the main focus. for me everything is a series of fundamentals. there's several cool scenes out there now. that can however be it's own little morass. as far as uprooting and moving somewhere, i'd try to get my music really really happening before i would even consider it. scenes are like dirt and can help you grow or cover you up.

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