Danny Barnes

Hi Danny, I love your music and you have been a great inspiration. I'm wondering — do you have different banjo setups for clawhammer and fingerpicking? I play a Deering Goodtime that I originally got for clawhammer but have started doing more picking, and I'm wondering if I should get another banjo and/or lower the bridge on my Deering or do other stuff to it. Thanks.

Danny Barnes responded on 04/06/2015

well i have some banjos set up for each but i don't really think it's necessary. if your banjo is set up pretty good and it plays good, just play. i kinda come from the charles sawtelle school of instrument theory which states they will find YOU. so just keep playing and working. as you get better, a banjo will come and find you and you won't have to worry about it. you will magically have the dough for it at just the right time. it works perfectly and it works every time i promise. just keep practicing.

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