Danny Barnes

Hey Barnes!

Are you using MAX/MSP exclusively in lieu of Ableton these days? Have you any experiences with Pure Data, the freeware 'version' of MAX/MSP?
How are you doing, you OK? Has there been a slight purge of your recordings on the Archive.org, or is that just me? Anymore word on Pinkus Banjo for Minner Bucket? Keep keeping on man, you are a super-human!

Danny Barnes responded on 04/07/2015

i use max a bunch. ableton is kind of my DAW, they are different wrenches so to speak. i use max when i do barnyard electronics live with a laptop. max is more to dream up things and build them and ableton, for me anyway is more of a recording medium, though i have used it live for several years as well. i'm doing good, and i don't know about any of the archive stuff that is all run by fans and i am ignorant of the mechanism so to speak. yes and we are working on that and i'm pretty excited about it thank you for asking. we have three or four pretty badass things coming out on minner bucket here this year. if you are on the mailing list you will get a notice.

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