Danny Barnes

have been banging around on a banjo for about six months, and FINALLY saw your youtube lessons.
i've been focusing on ftrailing, but as a 40-year guitar player, that's coming to me slowly. -- my question (or observation) is this: in your 3-finger roll technique, due to the "3" i naturally think of it as a triplet. but it's not, as on the third time thru, you only play the first of the three notes.

sure, i get the 4/4 count, but as i naturally think of it as repeating triplets, and the "third" time thru is abbreviated, it's not quite so "mindless" as one would think. especially as you note that hand should be almost mechanical.
so i was wondering if there's another way i can think (or not think) about my right hand when doing that roll?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/07/2015

the question becomes....or forks into two parts. is your goal to copy some other player that you like, or are you just wanting to play in your own way? also since your question if pretty lengthy, that would suggest you already have an answer you are looking for and perhaps it's contained in the question itself. it seems like you know where you are going and as such it isn't really a question which is totally fine. if you make sounds you like, that's playing.

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