Danny Barnes

pt. 2
so i was wondering if there's another way i can think (or not think) about my right hand when doing that roll?
i moved to austin 20 years ago, when you were still here, and saw the bad livers way back then. how often are you in town, and who in austin do you think really has trailing down?

my main interest in banjo is to find guys that play as african as possible, if you catch my gist.
thanks in advance.

Danny Barnes responded on 05/07/2015

i don't really know nobody down there too much no more. maybe you could look up ralph white he's a great banjo player. there's quite a few folks doing some cool stuff with the banjo in the area of the library you are referencing. but i suppose they are in the world at large rather than in austin in particular. time to hit the googler i suppose.

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