Danny Barnes

What do you think happens after death?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/14/2015

i'm not sure if a musician is the right person to ask. but okay i'll try to answer. i suppose that's the number two question. the first is, why am i here? my experience with an NDE in my youth included my soul/spirit leaving my body, the Light and so on. i found it to be a easy comfortable good experience and you just kind of knew what to do and didn't have to worry. worry was kinda what you were leaving and you were moving into no-worry. that was experience not opinion or something gathered from a book. for some reason i came back i don't really know why. i don't think it's an uncomfortable event. i suspect time is all happening at once. the whole linear take on it is one way to look upon that factor, in our material world of duality, but it's not real. i suspect we are here to learn and to knock off our rough edges. meher baba goes into great detail about this if you care to read. also the poet william blake. also john chapter 1 verse 5.

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