Danny Barnes

Where can I get a good cassette deck?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/17/2015

oh that's easy. if you start asking around, you'll find free ones. they are all over the place. i sort of go by the charles sawtelle method of gear acquisition where, if you put it out there you want a particular piece, they have a way of finding you with no effort. ask around. i bet you know someone in your extended circle that will lay a nice one on you free. plus a box of 300 tapes. other methods, hit the goodwills. i live in a tiny town and the goodwill here usually has three. for about 7 dollars. find a tape you know works, and test any unit before buying. make sure speed is right, that it forwards and reverses, and that sound comes out of both sides. if not, do not buy that one and keep looking. craigslist. garage sales. the main thing that breaks on them is the belt. lots of times you can still get parts for them. on my blog i talk about re-belting units. www.cassetteanarchy.com look for any place around you that does "stereo" repair. they sell units sometimes.

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