Danny Barnes

hey man, i'm curious about how long youve been playing for. how long did it take before you felt good enough to play a gig? about how long before you felt it was justifiable to get paid for what you were doin (ie. your playing was worth the price)? I've heard bout the 10000 hour theory, and maybe you could weigh in on that with some timelines from your own experience? i durno how you feel about this, but i consider you a master craftsman, and how long do you think it took ya to get where ya are now? are there any milestones in particular that you recognize in your playing getting to the next level? i know this is a bunch of questions but as a new listener, i'm curious about your progression as a musician. this is a really cool thing you're doin here, and i wanted to thank ya for fielding this thing

Danny Barnes responded on 06/17/2015

43 years. it took me ten years of pretty hard work to get a good sound out of a banjo at all. there weren't no advanced musicians in my family or environs and plus i grew up in an area where the banjo was considered a joke. much different than growing up in the hotbed of banjo playing at that time which would have been the southeast. it was pretty hard and discouraging. but for some reason i stuck with it. i suppose when all you have is a hammer the whole world looks like a nail. after about 20 years i got to where i could play on people's records and stuff. sometimes i still have rough days where i feel like i can't play at all i don't know what causes that. i just had a rough one at this festival where i couldn't keep my patterns going and it was rough. sometimes you get really tired with the traveling maybe that's some of it. if you got it in you to play, you kinda have to do it and you stick it out and keep working no matter what. so in that sense it don't matter. forward.

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