Danny Barnes

Hello Danny, could you recommend a good/affordable four-track recorder? Thank you.

Danny Barnes responded on 06/17/2015

sure, just get any cassette one and make sure the belts work and the transport is working and the switches are all good etc. you may have to get a couple of them and tinker. if folks find out you want them they will just give them to you. can't go wrong with tascam. or fostex. if you mean "how do i record for cheap?" you can get going on a laptop really cheap. all you really need is an interface which you can get cheap. if you have a mac the built in garage band is good. if you have a smart phone there are some great recording apps for that. easy to use. iPad as well. if you can find an old laptop or pc that is out of date, install linux on it, and run ardour. which are both free. so free computer free os free daw. and the performance would be great. there are some really inexpensive stand alone too. your options abound.

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