Danny Barnes

What is the coolest disc golf course you have played? Any favorite discs?

Danny Barnes responded on 06/17/2015

man i played one in eugene oregon that was badass up on a hill kinda on the east side of the highway. i learned at bartholomew park in austin there by the airport and that's still a fave but i think they find corpses in there fairly regular. the course at the grand targhee is really rough and if you go wrong, your disc will roll three miles down the mountain but it's pretty. i have this one disc that's from the ace race and it's a super flat flying disc but it doesn't go that far. i still have that bullshit hyzer at the end as a righty where my disc cuts to the left at the end. they make so many discs right now its nutty. i been throwing a zombee a lot. i'm a bit of a duffer but i just like to play so i can stop fretting about the doom of humanity and the futility of effort.

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