Danny Barnes

Hey Danny. You have been one of the biggest inspirations in my entire musical journey - thank you for being such an original, genuine, cosmic-level musician. There are only a few of you in the galaxy :).

On a more practical note, how do you practice, and how has this changed over time? Do you have a certain framework/routine that you've found to be most helpful?


Danny Barnes responded on 07/09/2015

i just listen to my internal teacher. like if i sit down, there may be some aspect of what i'm doing that i feel like needs work and so i work on that. then i try to develop a concept of how the neck lays out. i try to play in time and make a good tone. i try to learn more about chords and scales and all that. work on my reading. it's all pretty basic really i suppose. depending on the job i have coming up i might be working on that. like right now there's this phrase i cannot play for a job i have and i really need to play it about 3000 times in a row. i think it's really important to be able to hear your own errors so you can correct them.

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