Danny Barnes

Hi Danny, I was listening to the Austin band on archive last night, and I said to myself 'that low voice sounds a lot like the dude from Bad Livers'. So I look up the name, and here I find you. I knew Jeff had good taste, but having you along is pretty epic. Just wanted to say, when I saw the Bad Livers many years ago, you guys were brilliant, but were missing a maniacal, driven, creative front man that would take it to the next level (you are all those qualities but not to the same extent). I think Jeff might have the pixie dust you seek. May your new band live long and prosper. Knowing that Jeff hooked up with the Bad Livers makes losing Yonder Mountain a little easier to take. If only you could talk the Austin band into needing Mark on tuba. Cheers.

Danny Barnes responded on 08/05/2015

i'm not really following you too good here.

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