Danny Barnes

Play a show with Tommy Emmanuel....sorry wasn't a question.

Danny Barnes responded on 08/11/2015

oh it's okay it's not a question that's fine. i appreciate your suggestion, but i don't have any way of doing what you ask. i don't know him and i don't even know anyone that does, so the odds of what you are ....stating here are pretty low. and then the odds of that happening in whatever town you live in, decrease the odds even more, so this doesn't look too good for what you are saying. if i sent you an email and said, "hey go have coffee with this here big shot." you would likely respond, yeah well that's all well and good but there isn't a mechanism in place whereby that can happen nor is it likely that there will be one coming up in the near future or ever. i seen mr emmanuel pick a few times and he's amazing. no argument there. but the power structure isn't set up where a musician can just say "oh i'm now going to play a show with person X. and come to think of it, i'll do it in town Y." that would probably be really cool were it so, but alas.

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