Danny Barnes

why is it harder for musicians to make those really great records like they used to? many of the records that come out of the acoustic world sound bland to me.

Danny Barnes responded on 08/11/2015

that is a very good question and i can only try to answer. i think that when music first started being recorded, people had a real connection to the dirt. they had dirt on their hands. and this spirit was infused in the music they played. that's how we got lightning hopkins and lester flatt. as time went on, folks got less removed from the dirt. {the earth itself is the original source of music}. so now, you have folks that don't know much about the dirt, singing songs about the dirt, in an orchestration that was originally conceived to perform music with a connection to the dirt and so on. and i think context has greatly changed. when john hartford was touring in the 70's he was playing music FOR people. today, frequently folks are drinking and yakking so much, even with a 35 dollar ticket, musicians end up playing music AT people. a big part of the money stream is in being kind of a background to the party. so records end up being stuff to sell at shows rather than art.

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