Danny Barnes

I strongly believe that all the things people are interested in shape the way they think, and the way they think shapes their music, maybe more in terms of what inspires them to make music the kind of music they makes. So I was wondering, if you dont reckon it to be too personal of question, what are your interests outside of music? What do you love to learn about and practice, aside from playing instruments and writing songs.

Danny Barnes responded on 08/11/2015

that's a really good question. i like to read philosophy books of various kinds, work in my flower garden {my whole yard is a bunch of flowers and shit}, walk on the beach everyday with my dogs, keep up with motorcycles and racing, talk to my brother, mess with computers {i have a hobby of installing the linux OS on older PCs and macs and also dabble in programming and take classes in that}, meditate quite a bit {i was initiated into a particular system}, i love to read about meher baba and consider myself a devotee of baba, i like to read the shri guru granth sahib, comic books, old radio dramas and mystery shows, i've been getting interested in field recordings and nature recordings, birds, vegetarian food, marxist aesthetics is a very interesting subject to me lately, old vw van mechanics, jeez this list is kind of exhausting i should just pick something.

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