Danny Barnes

which song are you most proud of? do you ever play music in your dreams?

Danny Barnes responded on 09/02/2015

well, those are both good questions. folks that make up a bunch of music/poetry/art, sometimes may not be the best judge of their own work. and i reckon it would depend on the day you ask, but i think that song overdue turned out pretty good. one reason is cause i get fan mail on it, saying that it helped folks. and i suppose that's what i'm trying to do with this output, lift folks up with the music itself, challenge perceptions and encourage folks to think for themselves and find beauty in overlooked places, and in the unseen and unheard. i don't dream much i get up really early and work like crazy in the lab all day so when it's time to crash out i am OUT. and i wake up about 4am and start all over again. but yes i have certainly played music in my dreams and even dreamt stuff and got up and wrote it down. or been stuck on something, a word, or chord, and dream up the answer. i kinda dream when i'm awake.

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