Danny Barnes

Hey Danny
Whats next after JAB? Bummed to hear you left, but onward and upward! Any plans to sit in with Jeff again? You tore it up the three times I saw you. Man you shred Thanks for all you do musically Danny!

Danny Barnes responded on 09/02/2015

i have a record label i'm running, working on a book {a translation of a sacred text}, my own record deal with an external label {record comes out later this year with subsequent promotion and touring}, solo touring, touring with my friends, learning to play the banjo, the test apes {a project i have with my friend max brody from the industrial band ministry}, i have some other folks i want to make records with and tour with, working on a new computer program I'm going to build that incorporates video and barnyard electronics aesthetic, getting my computer programming together in general, making another ambient record, working on a record of environmental sounds/field recordings and subsequent R and D for that, i have a suite of contemporary music i'm writing, i'm writing/recording a record of 12-string guitar instrumentals, study with the maestro every chance i can get, music lessons in general. there's lots more or course. i'm glad you enjoyed seeing my work in that band.

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