Danny Barnes

Hi Danny,
First and foremost I wanted to thank you for how your music has improved my life. Your music uplifts me. You've inspired me to get back into making music, unapologetically create my own sound, and to push the envelope not only with music but all things I do, and never quit. Thank you.

I am very curious about your barnyard electronics and environmental/nature recording projects. I recently picked up Wendy Carlos' "Sonic Seasonings" and it warmed my heart. The blending of 'artificial' composition and 'natural' environmental sounds feels like a great celebration of non-dualism. I was wondering, what is your drive in creating environmental recordings? What sort of projects are you working on or anticipating in that realm? And what exactly are barnyard electronics?

Thanks again so much for being you, you rule.

Danny Barnes responded on 09/22/2015

her stuff is amazing. i became aware of environmental recordings in college in those history of recorded music classes and stuff like that. recently i had the occasion to get my ears really blown out in a very loud band environment and it became hard to listen to music at all for a time. specifically i found the 3K range to be unbearable. so i went back to some nature recordings and stuff and found that soothing. there is a label out of devon called very quiet recordings and they put out amazing things. i have some stuff i'm putting out on my own label within that type of aesthetic. it's really neat how with headphones, you can be placed somewhere physically. there's so much great sound art and different things of that nature available. barnyard electronics is my term for a blend of older american forms of music with electronics and contemporary editing techniques. i find it interesting that bluegrass and electronic music have similar temporal arcs. they were born about the same time.

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