Danny Barnes

Danny thanks for the reply to my ?? on 09/02/2015.
I knew you were super busy but that list is off the chain! I too am stretched way too thin...but you my friend are stretched razor thin. Maybe a new song title....LOL
I am just glad that you were able to play with JAB for as long as you did! Springfield, IL sends much much love DB.
Just wanted to say congrats on the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass! YOU definitely deserve it!!!!! Dont spend that 50K all in one place now! Please come to Springfield for your next tour if you can!!!!! Keep on making the Banjo sound so good my friend!

Danny Barnes responded on 09/22/2015

i'd love to come there and play, that's a good area of the country for me. i appreciate your support, thanks for listening joe.

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