Danny Barnes

Danny... I'm in the market for a banjo pickup. I'm after a darker, plunkier, thicker sound than most people go for, and I love the sounds you get off the stage.

I know you program much of what's coming out of the PA, but in terms of raw gear, I'm wondering what pickup you'd recommend?

I wish this wasn't as urgent as it is, but the sooner I could know the better!

Matt Foster

Danny Barnes responded on 09/25/2015

well, you might try that pick up the world banjo pickup. it sticks on the head under the bridge. i think it works pretty good. it's a little darker and a little less feedback prone i believe. however it slightly mutes the acoustic tone. also on my banjo there is a little frequency bump about 300 hz that is good to bring that down a db or 2. it's actually just up from there about 315. if you pair that pickup with a good parametric EQ you are probably in pretty good shape. the ice pick art of the banjo through a pick up that hurts your ears is around 2.5K. maybe up to 3K. the thump part is around 160 so if you want more bump, give a slight boost to that range. the multiples of 400 are going to be tricky, like 400 800 1200. and 200 too. so if you do the little 160 bump i'd use a narrow Q on that. a tube DI will really smooth things out too. also, set up so the banjo doesn't face the wedge. put it on your left side.

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