Danny Barnes

I just saw you at the Cactus Cafe with Wood and Wire. I was very impressed during your performance when you started singing "scat" along with your banjo riffs. How did you get the idea for that?

Danny Barnes responded on 12/19/2015

well with an instrument like the banjo or mandolin or fiddle, it's possible to play lots of really fast passages that are just scales going up and down. it's not technically music that way in that it doesn't express anything other than.."hey look, i've been practicing my scales!' so, a teacher i had years ago forbid me to play anything i could not sing along with, in order to fix this. in other words, start with the ears and let the fingers follow that. otherwise, what you are playing may be gibberish. if you hear it in your head first, it has a chance of meaning something.

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