Danny Barnes

hey man, at some point durin yer set at the NWSS in 08 (with Bill Fris, awesome set, very cool) you said that all the sheet music would be available after the show/at the merch table or something. i'm guessin it was mostly just a joke, but have you ever released any sheet music for your stuff with mr frisell or your own stuff? if so, where might i find it online? if not, maybe you could at some point. http://i.imgur.com/PFShYoG.gif

Danny Barnes responded on 12/19/2015

ha no that was just a joke. bill and i do have sheet music we work off of, but it's just handwritten stuff we pass back and forth and isn't meant for public consumption so to speak. bill frisell does have an excellent book of transcriptions available. in my own case, i'm not sure my fan base would support that effort. i have thought about it though, but haven't been able to apply values to the X factors in the equation as it were.

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