Danny Barnes

found the Broken Hearted Blues original. You bring a clarity to the lyrics that is beautiful. When I play it, I will be trying to sound like you - and failing.

reckon I should ask a question now: do you still skateboard at all?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/20/2016

yeah that song is on tanx which i have on vinyl. that record kinda saved my life at one point. i could listen to it from now on. oh just sound like you, that's good enough. yes i skate, i'm skating around in my new video i did for i'm convicted. i just cruise longboards mostly but i like skating. skateboards are really fun on a bus tour. i keep a couple decks in my van. there was a fellow in seattle that was making these killer boards called insect. i don't think he's around no more. but i have one of his decks with big green kryptonics on there.

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