Danny Barnes

Danny I was once given a CD by a friend of mine in Seattle. I was talking up the Bad Livers and he starts hotting and hollering, "Danny Barnes! Danny Barnes!" And he gives me this CD that featured you and him (Mark Pierce) it was called the Gully Jumpers, Peas and Corn. In my travels I lost the disc. I've asked him and he aint got any copies. I was hoping you might have some of those recordings somewhere.

Danny Barnes responded on 01/25/2016

no sir i don't. mark was in the great punk rock band from seattle zeke, they are one of the greatest bands ever. i had one of them gully jumper cds at one time, but i don't no more and i don't know where to get one. i can't imagine he sold them all but i guess so. fair play to you.

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