Danny Barnes

Mr Barnes,
Congratulations on the Steve Martin Award. Two of my favorite banjo players (and performers in general ) of all time come together in this. I equate the ol' Saxon Pub days to those first listens to Steve Martin's Comedy albums. Mind blowing. Thank you also for the online lessons. They found me in a dark holler of stonewall with my own abilities, and showed me the way out. I was a fixture at those Saxon shows and I think of them every time I drive past there. I have a request. I have been trying for years to play some stuff from those days and I cannot for the life of me get the lyrics right for "Where They Do Not Know My Name". ( I have lost the cover for my Livers CD). I have not seen them anywhere on the old time sites, so I have been assuming they are all yours. Is there a place I could find them? Thanks for the new music and for championing the cassette.

Danny Barnes responded on 02/13/2016

if you email me what you have, i'll correct them for you. howzat?

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