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Danny, I took a workshop with you years ago at Ft. Flagler. I had a brand new Granada reissue (a bit out of my league at the time). You played it to demonstrate something, handed it back and said, "Man, what a banjo." Ha.

Are you programming your drums with a drum machine? Akai or Maschine? Are you using stock drum sounds you find in your DAW or a Synth you might have?

Love the new music. Check out an artist named Nujabes. I think you would really dig it. He's one of the greats of sampling.

Danny Barnes responded on 02/13/2016

i've made so many records and have been doing that type trip for so many years, there isn't one answer to the drum idea and it depends on exactly when/what you would be referring to. i do use maschine some and like it. i usually lift isolated drum hits i like off LP's and then make up a kit and use that. sometimes i make sounds in max/msp and work with that. all different approaches. i use synths some too i have a modular one i put together and like 101's.

check out herbert marcuse one dimensional man.

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Mr Barnes,
Congratulations on the Steve Martin Award. Two of my favorite banjo players (and performers in general ) of all time come together in this. I equate the ol' Saxon Pub days to those first listens to Steve Martin's Comedy albums. Mind blowing. Thank you also for the online lessons. They found me in a dark holler of stonewall with my own abilities, and showed me the way out. I was a fixture at those Saxon shows and I think of them every time I drive past there. I have a request. I have been trying for years to play some stuff from those days and I cannot for the life of me get the lyrics right for "Where They Do Not Know My Name". ( I have lost the cover for my Livers CD). I have not seen them anywhere on the old time sites, so I have been assuming they are all yours. Is there a place I could find them? Thanks for the new music and for championing the cassette.

Danny Barnes responded on 02/13/2016
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Danny, I'm playing banjo in a 6-piece amped up grass band. I know that each song and set is unique, but generally speaking, how do you approach the banjos place in a band with lots of other instruments. I'm constantly switching between laying out, to driving, to light comping, to just chucks, to melodic lines. But, I don't feel like I'm in the pocket most of the time, and instead wonder if its just aimless meandering. The banjo in my hands is just so freaking simultaneously capable/incapable.

Also, come on to GA please. PEACE!

Danny Barnes responded on 02/15/2016
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