Danny Barnes

according to the barnes ontological system "time doesn't exist."

how do we keep rhythm?

Danny Barnes responded on 02/22/2016

beyond the duality of am i or am i not in time, is freedom. metaphysically i've come to the conclusion that physical time was created as a way of billing and charging for things. and i suspect that everything is really happening at once, but our brains can't handle it and only perceive things in increments. as an example, the bible kind of happens all at once or could be overlapped onto a single persons life or single day, or is a story of an entire planetary cycle. all at once. in the question of music, how do we keep time?, music uses time to organize things. there again time is elastic and it depends on the agreement made with the ensemble. birds, the ultimate musicians, are free of this constraint and don't need a conductor other than the Creator/Creator within. i don't believe time, in it's strict physical sense, is a priori. however, if you are trying to back up a fiddler playing sally goodin, you better be in really good "time." and that causes lots of problems.

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