Danny Barnes

Hi Mr. Barnes, just wanted to add my voice to the folks who have asked about transcriptions. Speaking as a picker who finds tab a great help in learning, I would be grateful to have a book of your tunes near to hand when it's banjo time. I can sure see not doing it though too as writing tab is kind of pesty.

Danny Barnes responded on 03/17/2016

well it's nice of you to care and to reach out. but i have all these cds and various items for sale, and the last thing i need is another labour intensive project that would sell very few copies. i don't know where you live but if i play in your town i'll show you anything you want to know. all of my songs are easy. i make them that way on purpose. most only have two or three chords. if you took one of my songs to a competent banjo teacher they could get you going with ease. thanks again for caring about all this stuff.

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