Danny Barnes

Danny, I just read the interview you and Matt did in the 2014 Banjo Newsletter. I tried to reply but couldn't. Here's what I tried to say: "Danny knocks it out of the park, as always. One of my favorite people as well as players. I always like to see where music is going in the minds of its visionaries. An excellent interview that helped and let him express himself rather than going in some standard or predetermined direction." Keep it up man, you make my head hurt (but my mouth smile) as it opens to these new ideas. Also, have you ever thought that on your sign up form the directive to "select the year you were born" is very appropriate? After some deliberation, I decided to select the year on my birth certificate, but as a banjo player since 2000, I could have put that. Finally, have you read EarthGame A Player's Guide, by Timothy Wade Huntley? I think you'd like it. It's very hard to find much about him, but I think he lives up your way somewhere.

Danny Barnes responded on 03/17/2016

it's nice of you to reach out and say something positive. as far as that being appropriate, i don't really have any interest at all in that data, it is a feature of the overall structure of this fan tracking program. you are free to build me another one that interfaces with everything, and doesn't include that feature. i'd recommend python as the language to do it in. i do not know that person either via the book itself or personally but i will keep an eye out for that book. i appreciate you reaching out and saying something positive i put tons of work in this stuff and it's nice of you to write.

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