Danny Barnes

Morning. I was noticing that you are playing the RockyGrass on July 30 in Lyons, CO with your buddy Nick Forster. As my usual "day late an' a dollar short" life story, the whole event was sold out quickly before I was able to snag tickets. A few years ago I saw you and Nick at the super solar e-town venue in Boulder which was a hoot. Just wondering if you have a day before or after the festival when you guys could play another show in the e-town hall? I think Nick has a set of keys to the place. Continued thanks for making music that puts a smile on my face.

Danny Barnes responded on 03/22/2016

well i appreciate your reaching out and enjoying the music, but the way those festivals work is, they have a clause in the contract that forbids you from playing spatially/temporally adjacent said event. in like form, our energy is kinda in trying to make that work itself so, i don't reckon we gon' be playing near there, in addition to that, however much i appreciate your sentiment herein expressed.

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