Danny Barnes

I read an article you wrote (featured in Indie on the Move) and you mentioned that you discovered your true value, and said to ask if I wanted to know what that is. What is your true value?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/15/2016

well, when you work on something as elusive as music for a lot of years, sometimes when it doesn't do well, you think you are a bad person, and when it does good, you think you are a good person. in my better moments, i can remember that i have value independently of how other folks judge my work. if i never play another note of music, i am still a human being and i can help others. i can try to make the world a better place. my value is that i can help other people, and i can try and make the world a better place, with or without music. i'm still a human being. that's my value. even if no one comes to my shows or buys my music, i can still help people as best i can. that might not make sense until you've been really beat down by things. but it helps me cross the sea of suffering so to speak and hold my head up. i still have value.

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