Danny Barnes

If you had to choose, would you rather spend your energies on the sound/ production side or the perfoming side of music? Also, I truly admire the fact that you were able to refer to both Ornette Coleman and Don Stover in a single interview with the other Steve Martin.

Danny Barnes responded on 04/20/2016

that's a really good question. i suppose i'd rather just make things rather than have to travel and perform them. though i enjoy that, i've been doing it a long long time. and it's kinda how i learn about the world. a record gets made and then you go and play it out "there" and that's an interface. but it gets harder as you go. my guess is that in about 1988, there were half as many cars on the road as there are now. and flying was easier then too if memory serves. oh, and people bought lots of records but that's another story. i don't KNOW that i would like staying in one place and just making things, but i would like to try! however, that's not the case anytime soon. performing is great, but the travel is pretty hard. flying is like a competition, folks fighting for space. if you're a nice person you get beat up pretty good.

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