Danny Barnes

Musing about alternative uses for music and for musicians. You had said that punk rock showed that you don't have to be a virtuoso to play music that has validity. There's a small and growing army of Americana string playing folks coming up, and most likely capitalism has use for but a few. What are some other uses for their music apart from the "biz" of selling beer to folks in bars?

Danny Barnes responded on 06/18/2016

that right there is a very good question. an analogy is the sport of hockey. first you have to learn how to skate, then you have to learn how to play hockey. i think with string band music, first you have to learn how to play. and that body of tunes is an excellent place to do that because you don't have to write the music at the same time you learn it. you can concentrate on learning to play. but at some point, you have to do something with the information. i don't think dressing like it's 1950, and playing old songs, is going to provide much forward motion. string band music is a relevant form, just like the pencil is relevant. i feel like the musicians should concentrate on that stuff, and likely proper contexts will appear. my guess is that if the music gets treated like civil war re-creationism, it will be relegated to secondary contexts. like being the band at Americanaworld at disneyland. the thing to copy is the commitment and the ideas. not the repertoire and look.

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