Danny Barnes

I love the part in the video where you show what all can be played with basically one finger. A lifetime of hard labor has left me thinking I should learn claw hammer for when my hands turn into claws from swinging a hammer. Seriously though, do you have any tips or tricks for taking care of your hands to prevent or recover from banjo related injury?

Danny Barnes responded on 06/21/2016

it's important to be very relaxed when you play. the muscles in the forearms. that's something i have to work on quite a bit. especially if you play in loud bars...you can see the musicians get all tense and beat away at their instruments. i have had really good luck with acupuncture in terms of any injuries. i think tai chi/chi kung exercises are really good to do to to keep the body loose. there are a bunch of free videos on YT to learn basic sets and stuff. i have had to play through lots of injuries and stuff. tiger balm or really strong lineament is helpful. an acupuncture person will have lots of lineaments for sale. don't forget to breathe.

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