Danny Barnes

I a in my 70's and my Grandfather left me his banjo when he passed. He knew I loved his music.I have fond memories of him playing for my sister and me. The skin needs replaced and I want it done correctly.Do you know where or who I could take it to in the Portland, Oregon area. By the way, Congrats on your Steve Martin award!

Danny Barnes responded on 07/23/2016

i don't live there, but i think if you went to artichoke music, they would have a pretty good picture of the answer. also, go and see a band with a banjo player in it and ask him directly. if there's a banjo player that lives in pdx, they would likely know exactly where to go. it's not a tough job at all, i've done hundreds myself, but the banjo will likely also need what's called a "set-up." find a bluegrass jam session, go and ask a couple banjo guys. there may be someone that does it informally that is really good. and thank you very much.

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