Danny Barnes

Hey Barnes!

I am cross-correlating your Famous blog post "How to Make a Living Playing Music" (http://dannybarnes.com/blog/how-make-living-playing-music)

with La Monte Young's "9 Pieces of Advice for Musicians"

Lots of fantastic stuff and lots of similarities of course - One thing La monte specifically addresses and you touch on (small personal studios) is the need for a permanent place to play.

La Monte contends, "Musicians are always looking for a place to play. The Dream House is the place that Billy Higgins and I were always looking for. Once you have a place that's permanent, then you can do very, very creative work." Similarly, your post argues to be creative no matter where you are - to fight for that space, even if it limits you audience temporarily. Care to expand or clarify any of these points? Like being in-place, in-residence versus road work maybe? Thanks!!

Danny Barnes responded on 07/23/2016

shucks man, i have one disadvantage here, and that is mr. young is a true master, and i study the masters so there's that. i'm not a master, i'm a student. i really appreciate what you are alluding to here et al, you have a good brain to look into things horizontally like you are doing. your question has got me thinking and i'm not sure how to respond really and i'm sorry about that. maybe a component of the "place" is in our own head. i think nichiren said something about us being our environment. [we aren't in traffic, we are traffic]. but yeah having a space to work is crucial. in the man ray biography i read he was always looking for the right light in a place big enough to work, that he could afford. some of the bands i was in would have a regular weekly gig, and you can really get it together like that after a year or two. but i can't really comment or add to anything mr. young said, he is a true master of music. i'm only a student.

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