Danny Barnes

Hello Danny, I was living in Austin when the Bad Livers were taking off. I saw the band a few times and we met in passing. Those were such great times. I also saw you solo in Portland the first day I moved here at Alberta Public House. That made me feel at home and secure in my choice to make Portland my home. I am having an argument with a fellow on the facebook page "Remembering Old Austin" I had said that for a short time the Bad Livers had a clarinet player, he said not so. Who's right? and do you remember the clarinet players name? I worked with him at Breed and Co. Cheers ! When are you coming back to Portland? James Faretheewell

Danny Barnes responded on 09/14/2016

stan smith. he was never "in" the band. he was a part of a loose group of musicians that would play on some projects of ours and so forth but he was never "in" the band in that sense. he did play "with" us on some recording sessions and he played some with various side projects we did as well. but there were also 10-15 other people in that category that weren't official band members so to speak. thank you for your interest and for listening. i reckon to be down there soon i go there pretty regular like.

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