Danny Barnes

Could you tell us which more innovative banjo players you are currently listening to? And which directions do you think are most promising to you at the moment?
Thank you

Danny Barnes responded on 09/16/2016

well, i'm interested in banjo players that use it as a paint brush, rather than a demonstration of technique. there's some really cool players that don't participate in the "banjo" realm that i like. andrew tuttle from australia is of particular interest. dixie dave, bassist for sludge metal band weedeater is a very interesting banjo player. jeff pinkus [bassist for butthole surfers, honky, melvins] is a very cool banjo player and has a video on YT called 20lb jockey that is astounding. daniel higgs. there are many of these folks and it is our job as fans to seek them out and not just listen to: a. the same stuff we've always listened to b. the two main guys at the top of a genre. stripmall ballads does some really interesting stuff.

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