Danny Barnes

The "out" or "free" jazz players like Ornett Coleman, Sun Ra, some Coltrane and others have a cool feel in the music that I love; you are the only banjo player that gets me to that kind of space. So this is why I ask you: when a student has learned the basics of diatonic harmony and melody on the instrument, what will be the principles which should guide the further study to try and understand how to begin to play like this?

Danny Barnes responded on 09/16/2016

that's a good question. i think studying lots of improvisors is always a good move. a really good book is the repository of scales and melodic patterns by yusef lateef. joseph schillinger's system is important as is schoenberg's. a really good place to start looking is, when you play a G major scale, what's going on with all them notes you just skipped?

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