Danny Barnes

You seem to be on the road a lot lately. You clearly have broad tastes - you mentioned Don Stover & Sun Ra once during the same interview- so what are you listening to these days?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/13/2016

i found this interesting label called mikrotron. specifically hanno leichtmann. i enjoy minimalism a great deal. there's this old guitar player george barnes [no relation]. he made records that make you feel good. johnny smith too. i've been going through all the episodes of the lone ranger radio show. i like radio dramas and shows better than tv or movies. i've been listening to a lot of leo kottke live performances and john fahey. i've been trying to find a gut string guitar player that's playing the repertoire i want to hear but haven't found it yet. i'm building a new system for barnyard electronics so i've been researching electronic music more. i like those german bands can, neu, and kraftwerk. julian cope.

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