Danny Barnes

Hey man, I've been struggling with my drinking habit. I'm tryna do right but it seems my best songs have been written when I'm loaded or hettin there. It seems to me a lot of your recent songs have been about 'getting yourself together' and I was wondering if you had any advice for a youngin tryna see the world strait.

Danny Barnes responded on 10/24/2016

well, i'm not a pro alcohol advice person and would think the best thing is to get a comment from one much more knowledgeable than i. i guess there's kinda like 3 types of heavy drinkers/users, the ones that can stop on their own but aren't a true alcoholic, the one's that can stop with a little bit of help [the big book calls them heavy social drinkers or something], and the true alcoholic that cannot stop whatsoever on the unaided will [me]. it's kinda scary when you quit. you lose friends. [but that ends up being okay] and you kinda wonder how you are going to interface with life and all that. [however that ends up being okay too] i think part of our task here on earth is trying to find our true self. sobriety is a lot better focus. you'll save piles of money and can work better and your health will be better and your attitude will be better. it's not easy. and i suppose it's not for everyone. if i keep doing what i'm doing i'll be clean and sober 15 years in december. i meditate.

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