Danny Barnes

Over the years your songs (originals and covers) have made many a mention of Jesus. From calling him up on the main line to inviting him to your tar paper shack. You are clearly a love your neighbor kinda fella, yet after reading the bible from stem to stern and noting that the times get harder and the cities burn, have you started to favor the quest on an eastern plane? Do Jesus and Baba both play a role in helping with inner strength? While for the human race we better sing the blues, are the still some troubadours that have not lost the groove? Are their times when you can see yourself as one? How does the spirit move? While there may be no clear answers to such questions, how important is the quest? Sometimes I think the quest is a canvas on which we must paint our best selves in order to engage ourselves and others in an ethical and productive (or at least civil) manner. Heaven and hell being right here on earth for us to choose - one step at a time. Any thoughts?

Danny Barnes responded on 11/17/2016

well i write songs from the perspective of characters i make up, rather than from...my own experience. i'm not really a theologian. i consider jesus to be from the East. middle east to be exact. and i think mostly those guys like jesus and meher baba are exactly who they say they are. i think things of the spirit have to be grasped by the spirit. most of all this stuff is a call to a non-materialist world view. i don't view myself as someone who has attained much, i'm not a master or anything, but i try to find and pay attention to those that are.

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