Danny Barnes

Danny -- Is a Jameson banjo sold by Amazon okay for a beginner?

Danny Barnes responded on 12/06/2016

well, good question. if the beginner in question is pretty handy, it might be alright. the issue with buying an unseen banjo off the internet is this: there is a series of adjustments that might need to be made to make it actually usable. not the least of which is tuning it. if the beginner in question could adjust a truss rod, bridge placement, or head tension and tune it, or had access to a family member or friend that could do this, it's likely an okay deal. [it's bad form to buy something dirt cheap off the net, then carry it into a local store and ask them to fix it for you.] really the best deal is to get a beginner banjo in a local music store, that way, they can help you with the set up, or offer them all adjusted and ready to go. it's going to be a little more money at a local store, BUT they can help you after the fact.

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