Danny Barnes

Hello Danny. I was wondering if and how, with such a varied body of work, you judge the success of your past music/albums. Is the same criteria ultimately used for everything or is it more to do with how fully realised the idea has been? Or are you always just concerned with what you are currently interested in and involved with?
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Danny Barnes responded on 01/16/2017

good question, made me think. my thinking is that songs are like children. you dress them up and you send them off to town and you hope they do good. but they kinda have to do good on their own at a certain point, and you hope they will speak to people and so forth. the stuff from the very beginning of my output kinda bothers me because i'm not singing as good as i later figured out how to do. the playing was okay. but then again, there was an energy in spite of that. in a sense, i'm not even the best one to evaluate. doing what i'm doing does take up a lot of the RAM. but i don't know i suppose i sit in amazement at the whole thing. it's amazing that i got to get those songs out. it's really strange that anyone would buy/ listen. the only criteria i suppose i have is if the idea gets across. sometimes the warts help and sometimes they don't. i'm more interested in minimalism now than in the beginning. so "fully realized" may just be one note or sound really. in short....i don't know.

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