Danny Barnes

Hello again.

Could you tell us where and when Stove Up will be available to buy, please?

(And where does the "wildknees" thing come from- sorry if it's a reference I'm missing.)

Thanks again,

Danny Barnes responded on 01/18/2017

today is the 18th of jan. i'm waiting on them to show up on my back porch any day really. should be here this week i think. i'll have them at shows, you'll be able to order them off my site, and they will be on iTunes and all that what not as well. one of my tasks is to make them easy to procure.
that's a trex reference. mambo sun is the song. it's just a dumb ....whatcha callit. i'm a trex freak. that record came out in 1971. when i was a kid rock and roll was so wonderful and mysterious.

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